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Robbin’ ‘Hoods – stealing from the poor, giving to the rich.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Anyone who has bank savings in this country is currently losing money. The interest rates paid on savings can barely keep up with inflation and with public services being cut all the time because of the government having to bail out the banks, those savings will become more important than ever in the bleak future. And the miserly interest rates offered by the banks have to be begged for by the customers every year. If you don’t pay your respects to the mighty barons of the land at least once every year and go cap in hand to them they cut your interest rate to virtually zero.

It was on such a servile visit to a bank that I was subject to yet more scorn and derision. Not content with having me waste my time every year by forcing me to visit their church of money, they then decide to take advantage of the situation by attempting to blackmail me, emotionally at least.

The foot soldier from the bank (I know he’s just doing what he’s told) explained to me the scheme they had attached to their savings accounts. At the end of each year when the interest is calculated I could elect to round down the figure to the nearest pound and whatever pence is left would go to some charity that I had to choose from some list that they had… I had stopped listening to this outrageous nonsense as I tried to comprehend what this prison guard was trying to get me to sign.

This was a bank. Through such models as fractional reserve banking, only an idiot could fail to make money with a bank. Through their position of privilege and power the banks got too cocky and lost their depositors money thereby requiring the taxpayer to foot the bill. They have since caused job losses, house repossessions and cuts to public services for the most needy in our society. As a reward for such despicable work, they continue to award themselves huge bonuses and maintain that they are the best people to do the job. These people are scum. To then pretend that they have ‘charitable’ inclinations is a lie that beggars belief. Note also, that the charitable scheme required the depositor to make the donation (yet again) whilst the bank contributed nothing (nay, the bank clearly thought it profited from positive PR it thought it was spinning).

Slightly shell shocked and in a tone of voice that suggested I had been tortured for hours but still clung to a vision of reality that made some sense, I declined his heretical document of moral turpitude.

It was only afterwards when I reflected on the sheer hypocrisy of the idea that I became aware of its boldness…

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”. Adolf Hitler.

What have we become?