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Hi, I’m Ivor.

I am principally known for my involvement with Bettakultcha, an event that I co-founded and still compère to this day. It is an evening of illustrated short talks given by volunteers and most of my experience with presenters and their techniques stems from here.

My overriding passion though is creativity. From early school I was a gifted artist and everyone assumed I would go to Art College – which I did, but at Sheffield University (where I was a contemporary of Nick Park) I studied filmmaking.

Having made several films I then went on to create and write a strip cartoon called Life and How to Live it for a national music paper called Sounds.

Following that I formed a rock band that toured Germany, Czechoslovakia and Holland. We put out a 12-inch single (which was single of the week in Sounds) and a cd album before moving onto other projects.

My interest in performance compelled me to try stand-up comedy. After a while I achieved my ambition of making a room full of people laugh and I also reached the regional finals in various comedy competitions.

Newpic2I still perform stand-up, as it is such a good learning ground for presentation skills.

I then ran my own graphic design business for many years before earning most of my income from live caricature work.

Subsequently I became interested in passing on some of my experience and I developed a workshop for encouraging creativity in the workplace, which was used by Unilever amongst others.

This wealth of experience has allowed me to put together a portfolio of presentations and workshops that bristle with creative ingenuity and imagination. It is my belief that someone produces their best work when they are being creative and having fun. I therefore attempt to make my workshops as much fun as possible whilst still delivering invaluable knowledge.

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