A selection of informative clips

The workshop gave me permission to release my creativity and to use performance in my presentations.

Sue Ball


The Science and Practice of how to make your talk useful

Your talk is like a map. For it to be useful to an audience it has to start from familiar territory and then show them interesting routes and shortcuts.

Why it’s important to establish good speaking habits early on

It’s tempting to learn skills by just doing them and picking up the techniques as we go along. The danger though, is that bad habits can be picked up along the way and these can prove seriously debilitating when we want to progress to the next level of expertise. Here’s a demonstration of why good technique is important from the start.

Speech fillers

Most people have a favourite phrase or speech mannerism that they use to garnish their conversations with. Over time this can become an automatic inclusion in their everyday speech. When they need to give a long, formal presentation somewhere, this speech-filler can become all too obvious to the audience. Always try and record yourself giving a speech and listen out for these mannerisms.

Trainer notes

Even in a day-long training session, the principles of good presentation still apply! Make sure you start the session with impact and control your environment as much as possible to reduce any distraction.

How to care for your Hamsters

Okay, this video doesn’t illustrate many speaking tips apart from using allegory in a story you might tell but it does give a huge piece of advice about how we might live our lives.