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I loved the afternoon spent with Ivor working on better presenting. His skills as an artist and comedian were super inspiring and very practical. By the end of the session the room was buzzing.

Royd Brayshay

Agile Yorkshire

Presentation Skills Workshop

This has proven to be much in demand from Universities and Colleges, largely I feel, because these institutions know that a graduate is going to have to sell themselves extremely hard when they enter the commercial world. Anyone with confident presentation skills therefore is going to stand out from the crowd when they pitch for work or grants.

Typically, I will run a two-hour workshop with a dozen people in the group. This will allow for plenty of interaction from the attendees whilst minimising their time away from their work.

A full day workshop will involve far more practical involvement and include video capture of the attendees performing certain exercises. This will allow the attendees to review their performances and to remind themselves of what they learned in the workshop.

I have run the workshop with much larger numbers (30+) but the opportunity for audience interaction is reduced and it becomes more of a content-driven presentation rather than a workshop.

Topics covered include:

  • Nerves
  • Body language
  • Props
  • Slides
  • Structuring your message
  • Stories
  • Humour
  • Being human
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Coaching on a one-to-one basis is available or a more intensive workshop can be run with three or four people to achieve the maximum amount of stage time for the attendees.

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