Hire me for your event


I can be hired as the compère for your special event. I am the regular compère for all the Bettakultcha events so my experience with handling large audiences, judging their mood and entertaining them is vast. Bettakultcha also has no fewer than eight presenters at any one event (one event had sixteen) so I’m used to organising many presenters on the same bill.

I use humour and a relaxed style as my default approach to interact with an audience but underneath that affable demeanour is also a seasoned professional with a ferocious eye for detail and punctuality.

If you require a safe and reliable engine to maintain the smooth running of your event but also want a dazzling design of sharp aerodynamic comedy styling and ‘go faster’ stripes to keep your audience impressed, then I am the vehicle to deliver your event safely but in some style.


Keynote speaker

Absolutely. Definitely. Without a shadow of a doubt…

Many keynote speakers promise you certainty in their message. I do not.

The speaking world has many handy ‘off-the-shelf’ answers but no one is quite sure what the real questions are anymore.

I deal in doubt. In the short term doubt is far more uncomfortable to live with than certainty but in the long term it is far more rewarding because certainty is ultimately a dangerous position to take as everything (including scientific fact) is always in a state of flux. Today’s certainty is tomorrow’s delusion.

The greatest innovations in human history have not come about through people accepting the ‘given facts’ but through doubting them. Think Copernicus.

If you’re a company that prides itself on innovation, adaptability and creative enterprise, then you will know that doubt is the one ingredient that you can’t do without; ‘what if…?’ should be your constant companion and when occasionally it provides you with an answer it should also provide you with your biggest breakthroughs.

My keynotes raise more questions than answers but those questions (once reflected upon) could provide you with the starting point to formulate your own pertinent questions that could lead to your success in life.

To get a flavour of my questions, look here and here.