A gap in the market

Despite repeated warnings in the media about skin cancer from exposure to the sun, people still pay good money to have their cancer risk increased significantly by deliberately lying in special booths. The logic in this defies my reasoning. But if people are going to be so asinine why not exploit it? I have spotted a gap in the market.

Recently in the UK smoking was banned in all public places (it took the government decades to act on the scientific evidence that smoking was bad for everyone).

So if we apply the same logic as evidenced in the sun bed scenario, it should be possible to make lots of money by providing smoking booths in the high street. The customer pays good money to sit in an air tight cubicle, fully clothed, for twenty minutes while cigarette smoke is pumped in. After this time, the smoke is sucked out of the cubicle and the customer can carry on their day to day business happy in the knowledge that their blood is shot through with nicotine, their hair and clothes stink abominably and that they have increased their cancer risk by a high percentage.

Ah, the joys of unbridled capitalism.

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  1. oh well, nicotine is the number cause of lung disease. this substance can really kill your lungs.:”~

  2. Nicotine is always addictive and you should limit consuming it:,.

  3. nicotine can really make you an addict, stay away from cigarettes in the first place :”‘

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