Self employed – beware ‘creep’

Someone rings me up and offers me a job, let’s say a caricaturing job. The job is discussed, particularly the hours I would be working, and a price is verbally agreed. When the contract arrives, I vaguely look at it, sign it, and post it back.

At least that is what I used to do. Now I look at the contract as if it was the first time I had heard anything about it. Every detail is scrutinised as I am on the lookout for ‘creep’.

Creep is where the contract suddenly has an extra hour on the timings, or fifty pounds missing from the fee. Nobody has run this past you before they send the contract so when you ring them up and point out the discrepancy they behave as if it was an absent minded slip.

Funny how their ’slips’ never work in your favour.

There is a mantra in business; under promise, over deliver. That way, the client thinks you’re a cherished supplier. But If a client ‘asks’ you to over deliver, then that client, in my experience, is not worth hanging onto.

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