Bring back the gods


Historically, the purpose of gods was to explain observed phenomena that to our limited understanding of the world appeared arbitrary and capricious. Then someone came up with the idea of having just the one god. This resulted in more power being centralised – a good thing for some elite humans.

Over time, our understanding of the world improved and what was previously feared as an arbitrary temper-tantrum of one of the gods turned out to be the predictable result of knowable principles. The one remaining god is proving harder to shift because of the power bases invested in this idea – ‘is the Pope Powerful?’ is an obvious demonstration of this truth.

As it seems that we as a species are hard-wired to believe in something, I suggest that we resurrect the ancient idea of having many gods. We now have explanations for so many previously feared phenomena that we could assign divinity to the scientists who came up with the experiments that effectively killed the old gods for good. We could call this pantheon of scientific gods The Nobels and invent an evil force called Truth that combats these new gods. These two forces fight it out for eternity.

If you can’t beat them (the believers) then do what the Romans did and usurp their old gods with conflated new gods (except ours would involve science). Eventually, a rational understanding of the world will be woven into the irrational tendency of human beings to deny the meaninglessness of their own existence.

2 Responses to “Bring back the gods”

  1. orest says:

    There must be only one god because the human being thinks as an individual who has the power to decide for themselves what they are going to do. If there were more than one god there would be conflict in how an individual acts as each god has their own agenda to get as many worshipers so increasing their influence.

  2. Ivor says:

    Well, it worked OK in the Roman period. And anyway, the gods were part of the entire system so one god couldn’t behave out of character because it had to obey the overarching laws of physics. I suppose if you were a fisherman you’d put more faith in Neptune than any other god as he affected you more than the others.

    Also, how is this different to modern life where we have to choose a bank, a supermarket or an energy provider? They all want followers and we need their services so we resolve our own conflicts and choose one out of the many.

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