People who sound their horns

Call me curmudgeonly, but something that annoys me is people sounding their car horns because they have seen someone they know.

You’re walking along a busy street and suddenly a 110 decibel blast of a horn makes you jump out of your skin. Not only that but other motorists in the vicinity are all looking round puzzled to see if they are doing something wrong. As they do so, the chances of someone actually doing something wrong and having a prang increases dramatically because they have taken their eye off the road. And all because some moron in a car sees someone they know walking along the road. Great.

Okay, if it’s a long lost twin that you last saw twenty years ago, I can understand the excitement but if it’s the guy you just dropped off a minute ago – it’s not necessary!

These morons probably need to carry around air horns with them all the time and whenever they see someone they know, like an office colleague walking past their desk after getting a drink of water, they can let rip with their horns like some excited howler monkey and wave stupidly at them.

Hmm.. I can feel a comedy sketch coming on.

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