Behave predictably

Having just jumped through a variety of security hoops to move some money from an old online bank account to a new account which pays better interest, I’m told by the ’system’ that my transfer is being reviewed. I can see the sense of this – any unusual activity could be seen as being potentially fraudulent and needs to be checked out. On the other hand, I could have just woken up from my inertia and realised that I was losing money by leaving this money in the dormant account.

The problem is this: to get a decent service from ‘the system’ it pays to behave in a predictable manner. If you’re impulsive, then the system will put obstacles in your way for ‘your’ benefit and security.

What this means is that we are being slowly conditioned into behaving in a predictable manner. And authorities just love populations that are predictable and compliant.

Of course, when it comes to the banks themselves behaving in an unpredictable and unlawful manner, there are few, if any, security checks.

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