How to put off cold callers

Had a telephone call today asking for my ‘help’. Actually I had five in total and they all went something like this…

Caller; Mr.. Time..shak?

Tymchak: Who’s calling?

Caller; My name is Derrick (this from a voice that is clearly from Asia in origin) I’m conducting a survey about..

Tymchak: – Oh I’m sorry, I never participate in any survey’s. Information is far too valuable.

Caller; Oh there is nothing personal in the survey sir, it’s just about windows and stuff like that.

Tymchak: If it’s of no significance why are you calling me – someone is paying you to do this job right?

Caller; Yeees..

Tymchak: So whoever is employing you thinks this information is worth more than they’re paying you, ergo the information is valuable and I’d be stupid to just give it away.

Caller; (click…)

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