Witness this, my hand.

An outline of my hand

The image of the outlined hand found in various caves must be the oldest logo in existence.

The act of spraying ochre and spittle over the authors hand cannot be overestimated for it marked the birth of higher consciousness. It seems such a simple act and yet what it symbolised was profoundly significant; we were blasting into unknown space with no plans for a return journey.

The image said “I am here, but not here.” The author was aware that at some time in the future he would not be there to look upon his own artwork – but others, still to come, would. Hence, the authors awareness of his own mortality and the continued existence of the world after his death.

And how similar is the act of writing a blog. You can imagine these modern hairless apes alone in dark rooms with the only light coming from their monitors, tapping away on the keyboard. This act seems the same to me as the cave painter’s. Both are trying to communicate with an imagined audience, both are trying to make sense of the world and both are making a statement about themselves and their mortality.

We appear to have made such progress in the time since the first cave paintings appeared but in reality we have changed very little.

2 Responses to “Witness this, my hand.”

  1. nev says:

    Yes but a lot of those handprints are a mile inside a cave and have lasted thousands of years and will last thousands more wheras our current era must be the shortest lived ever. Just look at the sixties – what is there left of it to see except a few clips of film endlessly repeated? If everything recorded this year is recorded electronically, who’ll copy it all to whatever new format comes along? No one. I reckon we’re living in an age that’ll be more invisible to our descendants than any age before us.

  2. Ivor says:

    Good point Nev. It is already starting to be an issue; the American government has decided to preserve historically important emails by printing them out and compiling them into books.
    Maybe they will start using stone tablets for really important documents.

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