How to stop spam (or at least some of it).

Here is a little tip which, if everyone put into practice, could reduce the amount of spam filling the inboxes of most web-site owners.

Here’s what to do; go onto your contact page and view the source code of that page. If you can see your email address in the html code then you are exposing yourself to spam. This is because automated robots trawl the internet looking for any email addresses they can find. Once found, they add the address to a list which is then sold to spammers. The trick is to disguise your email address so that the robots cannot find it.

There are free programs available on the internet which can scramble your html address into code which looks like gobbledegook to a robot but when viewed by a browser still looks like and behaves like a regular email address.

It’s such a simple thing to do but I have seen many professionally produced sites that don’t do it, which makes the spammers very happy.

Of course, if you are already on a spammers list, doing this won’t stop your current junk but it might prevent you from being added to new lists.

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