The hypocrites in Television.

During a football match on television the other night, someone ran onto the pitch and disrupted the game. I only knew this because the commentator mentioned it. Television now has a policy of never showing the streaker or whoever the perpetrator is because it has learnt that by doing so, it simply encourages others to copy the stunt and claim their fifteen seconds of fame.

How interesting I thought, Television is aware of the power of itself and so mitigates the antics of these people by refusing to air them to its viewers. Someone, somewhere doesn’t want their enjoyment of a sporting event spoilt by an easily influenced, emotionally insecure individual who, in the past, saw a similar individual on television run onto the pitch in a similar fashion. This powerful person thus puts a stop to it all by coming to a simple conclusion.

Clearly, therefore, a large sporting event is far more important than the lives of several students in a college somewhere, otherwise Television would have applied the same reasoning to the video footage supplied by an easily influenced, emotionally insecure shooter in America, before it decided to broadcasted it to the world.

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