Be here now.

I had a caricature gig in Dumbleton at the weekend. The day was hot and sunny. The village was impossibly picturesque, and as I drove up the long and winding drive to the hotel, a cricket match was being played adjacent to the road, the white flannels of the cricketers picked out brilliantly against the glowing green of the sunlit grass. The hotel grounds were equally picturesque and as I stood and gazed from a high vantage point onto a spectacularly beautiful vista, adorned with purple flowers illuminated by the golden sunshine and shy wildlife furtively skirting past me, I realised that for the first time in my life I didn’t want to own the view.

Always, in the past, I would have wanted to paint it or photograph it so that I could selfishly take a part of it away with me.

Not this time. I looked and enjoyed but I did not covet. I understood that there was only the moment and any attempt to do anything but be in the moment was futile and illusory. The sense of invincible freedom that that knowledge gave me can only be appreciated by those who have experienced it for themselves.

I had put away childish things and had become a man.

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