The most dangerous ideas in history. 1. Consciousness.

Putting the apes in charge of the lab must rank as one of the most stupid and brilliant ideas of all time. As soon as the first human being had the brain power for making the connection between a sharp piece of flint slicing their hand and slicing the flesh of an animal carcass we were off on this wild journey of discovery. We had woken up from an eternal sleep and now we demanded attention along with our breakfast.. and clever toys.. and the moon on a stick.

Eventually our explorations revealed we were inside a huge laboratory – the earth which was inside another huge laboratory. And we couldn’t resist tinkering with everything we found. And the stuff we found!

We found the gas taps and turned them on full. We found the electric sockets and pushed wires into them. We found the plutonium which appeared to power the whole enterprise and kicked that around. Then we found the text books with mysterious code inside them and worked out how to read them. We were getting so clever we even changed bits of the book we didn’t like! Pretty soon we will find the author of these books and then we will ask hard questions of them and if we don’t like the answers they give we will incarcerate them and experiment on them until they give up the ghost – which was the thing we were actually looking for.

So from one standpoint the story of Adam and Eve has a prescience about it, but from our standpoint and our creativity we can interpret it differently; the serpent is the agent of change, the constant movement of energy that attempts to even out the bumps. The fruit of knowledge is the gift of consciousness – the file in the cake. For Adam and Eve were prisoners inside the garden of ignorance and consciousness allowed them the ingenuity to escape.

Now we’re on the run, and as we have nothing to lose we will become one of those escapees that is armed and extremely dangerous and should not be approached. That’s the trouble with consciousness; once acquired there is no ticket home. We might as well be blasting into space with no plans for a return journey. We are forever more on the run from what we know awaits us… our own death which we have to face alone.

See the movie.

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