The church of the scientific method

Here is a ruthless article exposing the fallibility of peer group review – an essential part of getting a new scientific theory accepted by the scientific community.

It has been my view that, historically, the Church, has had no interest in scientific truth (although I accept some enlightened religious leaders were keen on scientific research); it was only interested in maintaining its power base. Scientific truth however, is
a) independent of any value system and beliefs, and
b) it works.

After reading this article it lamentably demonstrates that human nature will not be denied in any activity undertaken by humans. With science, it would seem logical that human foibles would be pushed into the background as science demanded certain steps to be followed in a particular order before any evidence was accepted as truth. There was a rigourous procedure. In reality, science brings out the worst of human nature because massive ego’s are involved in a highly specialised game which involves interpretation. In this respect, science today is the twin of past religious dogma. The humans in charge of the process have yet again established their power bases and refuse to relinquish that power, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence (except the evidence will not have chance to be considered for a very long time).

In some respects you can sympathise with the ruling elite; they have spent their lives defending certain beliefs. Who could easily admit that their entire life’s work was a waste of time?

I remember a friend of mine enlightening me on the commercial aspects of military campaigns, in particular a book by Smedley Butler. Imagine how hard it would be to sell a war to the soldiers and their families (and the general public) if they knew that the war was an exercise in commercial profit which, if they were victorious, they would not materially benefit.

At least in the past the victorious common soldier shared in the spoils of war.

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