The Occupy Wall Street movement

There has been some criticism from the mainstream media about the Occupy Wall Street movement and its lack of specific aims. I will respond to that by turning the question around; what are the specific aims of the world’s wealthiest 1% of the population?

As far as I am aware they haven’t issued any specific aims to the mainstream media for them to report but any switched on member of the public will be aware of the one unspoken aim of these people, namely, to make that 1% an even smaller figure. This can be inferred from their propensity to award themselves huge salary increases without any relation to their company performance (or anything else, for that matter). Therefore any link to ‘fairness’ is broken: they get richer simply because they can.

Why is that not criticised by the mainstream media? Ah yes, now I remember, the mainstream media is owned by the 1%.

So the non-specific ‘aims’ of the Occupy Wall Street movement are simply to stop that unacceptable figure of 1% from shrinking even further and to make it increase as rapidly possible so that more of the population can share the wealth.

Of course, the real reason that the mainstream media are criticising the movement in any way they can is fear. The Occupy Wall Street movement represents a growing awareness of the peoples own power. The 1% know this. The figure of 99% is a huge one. If the people it represents could organise themselves effectively, they would become an unstoppable force.

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