Pay people to get fit

It occurred to me there are a lot of government health warnings on various products regarding health issues but no actual financial incentive for maintaining good health. Here was an opportunity I thought for some governing, forward thinking, radical administration (i.e. it will never happen as such a thing doesn’t exist) to make a positive contribution to the well being of people in society.

As they have scrapped a lot of the tax incentives for moral rectitude (marriage allowance for example) why not introduce some tax incentives for health associated issues?

For example, if you can complete an obstacle course under a certain time each year, you would be awarded a tax rebate of £1000 or whatever the figure might be that was deemed motivational enough. This would encourage slobs to consider exercising again and maintaining a certain level of health and fitness.

The course would be tailored to various age ranges so a reasonably fit and healthy person could complete it without much difficulty, but an obese, binge drinking, twenty-cigs-a-day person would more than likely drop dead at the penultimate hurdle. This could still be good as it would save the National Health Service a fortune in not having to look after them in their failing years.

Or how about a no claims discount off your tax bill for not visiting the doctor or hospital? That might prevent people from visiting the doctor when they really need to get something checked out but you get the idea. Use the language people understand; money.

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