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The fuel of change

The fuel of change

So you’ve been to a Bettakultcha event and been inspired by a presenter who cared passionately about something, and wanted to tell the world about it. And you thought, “I care deeply about, something, and no-one knows much about it, why doesn’t someone tell the world about that?”

Well, this article is for you.

I’ve spoken with a number of people who have been to a Bettakultcha event and they said exactly that to me and when I asked them, “Why don’t you tell the world?” they replied, “I don’t have the confidence to speak in front of a crowd.”

Let me tell you a story…

There’s a reason why a group of, ex-public school millionaires, run this country. It’s largely because of what they learn in those schools. Aside from the socialising and squash, they also learn supreme confidence and towering ambition. This means they can strut into a roomful of people and tell them all what to do, even when they have little, or no idea of what they are talking about. And the weird thing is, that roomful of people will generally do what they are being told to do because the speaker has the authority of confidence and ambition – it’s a self fulfilling prophecy!

Now if you don’t happen to like what they’re telling you, what are you going to do about it – we’re supposed to be living in a democracy remember? Well, if you tell yourself, you know they’re wrong but don’t have the confidence to speak out, then you get the government you deserve and you need to hurry up and follow your orders.

But if you realise that confidence is, in fact, a learned skill and that there are willing people out there who could help you, you could build your confidence up to the point where you felt capable of making your voice heard. This is how democracy is supposed to work, so why isn’t presentation skills taught in ALL schools?

Anyway, before I get too passionate, here’s my message; if you care about the community you live in and you want to make a difference there, or you just want to be able to share your passion with the people at Bettakultcha but lack the confidence, you can get some help and advice from some of the past presenters at Bettakultcha.

At this stage, we’re just getting an idea of numbers, so if you are interested in a confidence building ‘playshop’ (like Bettakultcha, we want it to be fun and informative!) DM me (@ivortymchak) with your name and email address and I will start a mailing list, then together, we can begin generating some real people power.

UPDATE: The Round Foundry in Holbeck, Leeds, have kindly agreed to host the event.

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