Reality television that kills

I can understand the media’s (and ergo, the public’s) fascination with the person who shot dead students at Virginia Tech (I won’t use his name for reasons explained later), but surely they must be able to see what they are doing?

In the past, dissidents were publicly executed by the ruling power. This only served to turn the dissidents into martyrs and inspire future dissidents. History shows very few powers learned this lesson. Those that did, quietly removed their opponents with very little fuss and ‘disappeared’ them so that their friends and followers did not even know if they were alive or dead. This tactic kept general Pinochet in power for seventeen years.

The media seem to be making the same mistake as the enraged historical rulers who publicly nailed their opponents onto a tree which would inevitably, only sprout further branches of revolt.

The self-filmed video footage they aired of the gunman bore a striking resemblance to the videos we see of Al Qaeda suicide bombers, where they rant their diatribes against the rest of the world, brandishing their weapons. As I watched these clips and surmised that they were being broadcast globally I envisaged the thought processes of someone who’s mental state was precariously close to that of the Virginia Tech gunman.

“Hey, look at that, a nobody can become a huge celebrity overnight! All they have to do is make a home video, then exceed the previous record for the number of people killed in a crazed shooting.

Where’s the nearest gun shop?”

The Virginia Tech gunman even made reference to the Columbine shooting of a few years ago. These people feed off each other. How sensible is it to gratify their lust for attention with world wide media coverage of their insane acts? Sure, report the incident but concentrate on the devastated people who have suffered as a result; the perpetrator should be ‘disappeared’, sending out the message that infamy is not guaranteed with such hopeless gestures of despair.

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  1. Thank you for clarifying that point, everything is clearer now!

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