Does Santa Claus or Democracy exist?

The struggle that liberal parents have at Christmas time is deciding which story to tell their young children. They can either go along with the charade of a mythical, generous figure distributing bounty to the world or they can tell the truth; these presents really came from your parents and it nearly bankrupted them in the process.

What usually happens is a capitulation, an unthinking compliance to, ‘tradition’ or ‘charm’ and the children are left in ignorance about the truth. The reasoning is that their childhood will only last for so long and so the parents let them enjoy the magic of Christmas before that rough kid turns up in the school playground one day with devastating news. The impulse is to protect their children’s innocence from the hard, cynical realities of life.

WikiLeaks is that rough kid in the playground of the world, telling everyone that Democracy doesn’t really exist and that it’s just a story to protect us from the hard, cynical realities of life.

And what are those realities of life?

  • That governments are made up of human beings and as such, are as prone to the same greed, corruption and duplicitousness that affects everyone else.
  • That, far from being a benign, generous figure dispensing the gifts of freedom and choice to the world, Democracy is just another clever disguise for a group of privileged and power obsessed people bent on imposing their version of how everyone should live onto the rest of the world.
  • That securing resources, consumerism and profit  are the three gifts that they bring for themselves.
  • That the only safety and innocence that they wish to protect, is their own.
  • That the greatest enemy of Democracy is, in fact, the very people we have entrusted to protect it.

Better that we were never told the story of Santa Claus in the first place, then that rough kid couldn’t break our hearts so easily.

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