Money is just another lock and key

For a holiday this year we rented an eco-cottage in Somerset. It was situated in the grounds of a shared smallholding which also contained some pigs in a pen and a few chickens. Beyond these animal enclosures was a large shed cum summerhouse.

On our first evening I explored the various features of the smallholding and inspected the shed. On looking through the glass doors I could see that it was more than a place to store things – it had rudimentary plumbing and basic cooking facilities. I tried the door handle and it opened easily. I stood on the threshold and surveyed the interior. There was a camp bed with a sleeping bag on top of it. I noticed a pair of boots in a corner and a harmonica lying on a chair. Various foodstuffs and a bulky utility knife cluttered a small table. In another corner was a rucksack. Someone was clearly living in this space and here was his stuff.

At this realisation, a strange, primitive impulse accosted me. I had to respect this persons property. The fact that there was no lock on the door and was open to anyone who cared to turn the handle increased my respect. This person trusted me and so in return I repaid the trust. I hastily exited from the shed and closed the door. The trust was unbroken.

I then realised what a lock and key is. It is a division, a line between the, ‘have’s’ and the, ‘have not’, it is a broken trust. It represents everything that is unwelcome in human society.

The bible is wrong. Adam and Eve were not evicted from the garden because they tasted the fruit of knowledge. They foolishly invented a lock and key, then stupidly, locked themselves out of the garden.

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