An entrepreneurial idea for Big Issue sellers in London

As a day tripper to London, I will often buy a travel pass that will last me for the day. As I often catch an early evening train home, I have a card which is valid for a few more hours and which I don’t need. But someone else could make use of it.

Here is what I suggest. Big Issue sellers congregate in or near the large railway stations of the city. People who have no further use for the travel cards donate them to a BI seller. The BI seller then sells a copy of the magazine with a free travel card inside it. In this way, it becomes known that these BI sellers are useful repositories of unwanted travel cards that still have several hours usage on them. Anyone with a long journey would find it worth their while to buy an issue of the magazine just for the card.

This would do everyone a favour; the traveller who wants to help out, the BI seller who would sell more copies of the magazine in a shorter time frame and the final user who gets a cheaper ride home.

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