An investment for my son

I was talking with my eight year old son about my artistic abilities and he asked me if, in the past, I went to an art club like he does some evenings. I told him I won prizes at school for my artistic abilities and he marveled at the news. Then he said, “and now you have your own website and you’re a good speaker.”

“Yes,” I said, “and one day you will be a good artist. In fact you could have a website now. You could put your artworks on there for all your friends to see.”

Then it suddenly dawned on me what a great investment that would be for my son.

Your website ranking has a lot to do with its longevity – the longer it has been in existence, the higher the page ranking (at least this is my experience). So to provide for my sons future, instead of getting him a trust fund or shares, what I need to get for him is his own domain name and register the site with as many search engines as possible. Then when he comes of age (probably twelve at the speed at which they mature these days) he will already have a website with a decent page ranking and a first class opportunity to monetize his website with Google ads or whatever their latest scheme is.

What a brilliant idea I thought. So as soon as I sober up I will register his name (and variations thereof) as a domain and sleep easy in the knowledge that his future is taken care of.

Will this idea be as good in the morning?

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