100 degrees of separation

100 degrees of separation
Just 100 degrees of the Celsius scale separates us from oblivion.

On a weekend break we visited the coast. As I stood and watched the play of the waves on the sandy beach and felt the warm sunshine on my body I realised what a razor edge of existence we thoughtlessly enjoy.

The temperature range of the universe is beyond comprehension. Physicists calculate the coolest temperature to be -273 degrees Celsius. The hottest is still being investigated. Liquid water only exists in an infinitesimal part of that spectrum, one hundred degrees out of many, many billions. The chances of our being here at all are beyond our imaginations. We should either be a ball of ice (as the earth has been in the past) or a ball of rock and gas. It is no wonder scientists are having sleepless nights as they contemplate a humankind interference with the natural balances of our atmosphere.

The earth is performing a tightrope act of the highest skill, a miracle of astonishing balance and poise, and we insist on shaking the wire. If the earth falls, there is no coming back.

2 Responses to “100 degrees of separation”

  1. Harrison says:

    A lovely, thought provoking analogy.

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