The critical mass of community

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Here is a real life example of a community developing.

From my Freethinkers Group I met Jane Walton who told me about Mike Chitty and his Progress School. At this School I met Phil Kirby who told me about Temple Works and its remit of becoming a cultural centre. As a result I formed BettaKultcha along with Richard Mitchie, who is a friend of Phil’s and we put on an evening of entertainment and culture at Temple Works. Phil then told me about Robert St-John Smith who was reforming The Leeds Savage Club and recommended that I get involved. I subsequently became a founding member.

Last night at the Grove Inn in Leeds there was a meeting of the Savage writing group. It was standing room only. After the formal part of the evening Rob made some announcements about the activities of the Savage Club. The Yorkshire Evening Post will print a full page report about the reformation of The Savages on April 1st. The Club had also been approached by various people asking the group to contribute to one thing or another. Peter Etherington had got involved with South Leeds Radio and was looking for collaborators to help with a fictional radio serial to be aired sometime in the future. Rob also mentioned the forthcoming BettaKultcha evening on April the 27th at Temple Works for which the Savages will make a presentation.

Many people at the meeting had not heard of BettaKultcha and I explained to Heather Lloyd and David Maguire who were sitting directly beside me what it was about and that currently we were looking for musicians to contribute to the evening. Heather announced that she played the flute and would be willing to add to the evening. As we got talking, the subject of a sketch show came up, similar to the Footlights Club, and both heather and David expressed their enthusiasm for such an event. Arrangements were made to get something in motion.

Something is happening in Leeds, something remarkable.

As individuals we may have have a particular talent that we would like to use but are frustrated in doing so because either the opportunities are not there or we need the complement of someone else’s talent to enhance the potential of both. This is where community becomes a force of good. As individuals, we can only accomplish so much and only prodigious talent or luck produces something significant for very few people. But as a group, you can unlock the potential of many people and become a beneficial force within a community. A group like The Savage Club, represents motivation, organisation, commitment and creativity. It’s people doing something and making things happen. As the group grows it becomes inevitable that more creative heat will be generated and products of quality will be manufactured. Before long people will be referring to Leeds as a crucible of cultural enterprise. When that happens, talented people from outside the area will want to come to Leeds to look for involvement in such a stimulating environment.

It is at this point that a community can rightly see itself as truly wealthy.

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  2. Excellent article – may things continue to grow!

    Similar things have been happening in Sheffield – exciting times all around!

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