You’ll either get this or you won’t

You’ll either get this or you won’t. There is no normal anymore.

All the old models are breaking, one by one. The financial crisis was a wake up call for everyone in society who thought that asking dumb questions was a dumb thing to do. It forced some of us to ask, “Where are we going? What is the ultimate consequence of this path?”

You are reading this because, in one way or another, you have asked these questions yourself and discovered that any sort of answer is hard to find in mainstream media. In which case, I invite you to join our growing caravan of freethinkers on the World Wide Web. This caravan seeks knowledge, for knowledge is power. Unfortunately, to many people, that means knowledge should be patented, restricted, modified, charged for… But this is to misunderstand how knowledge works; when added together, knowledge becomes greater than the sum of its parts. That is its power. Cooperation triumphs over competition. You’ll either get this or you won’t.

I have kept a record of the journey so far and gathered together my experiences and insights into a video presentation called SatNav for the Soul®. It is a story of great adventure.

You may be familiar with adventurers who talk about their exploits in climbing mountains. Mine is a similar story except my mountains are metaphorical. They are the big ideas that shape our very lives but which very few of us ever consider. I have explored them as best I can and now I would like to share some of my discoveries with you – some may empower you and some may surprise you.

You’re probably asking yourself, ‘How can SatNav for the Soul® help me?’ This is a tough one to answer because most people value those things that are the least useful to them. So if I said, “It can empower you”, a lot of people would want to interpret that as, ‘it can increase my income,’ which has the whole thing backward. Don’t get me wrong, money is useful but increasing your income begs many questions that need to be answered first. You’ll either get this or you won’t.

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  1. Rena says:

    Excellent. I am among those who, “Get It”. Well done!

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    Remember, you’re blogging primarily for your audience, not
    the search engines.

  3. Before beginning to freak out, which shouldn’t
    be the case, let’s see what was updated in Google’s algorithm.

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