A Russian ending

This article explains that Hollywood makes alternative endings for films destined for international release (aren’t they all destined for international release?). The American ending is the one where everything turns out fine (i.e. the Americans save the world all by themselves) and is tacked on for Western Industrial nations. The Russian ending is, as the title explains, the one they make for Russia and it is where everyone dies (apparently, this fits in with the Russian temperament).

This explains my shock of watching Beneath the Planet of the Apes many years ago. At the end of the movie, everybody dies. It was such an unexpected outcome. I realise now it was unexpected because I had been fed a lifelong diet of American endings. Their insidious propaganda had indeed had an effect on me, I only became aware of it when a Hollywood film broke ranks and dared to suggest there may be alternatives. You don’t notice how bland and processed your cultural diet is until you taste an exotic flavour. I liked the taste and wanted to discover yet more flavours.

Of course it could have been a huge mistake by the distributors and they released the Russian ending version to the American market. Imagine that! It would be like a politician mixing up their statements and sending the public one to their mates and the private one to the public. Wouldn’t we be surprised at its content!

Actually, no, not any more for my part. I’ve extrapolated enough information out of the publicly released scandals to realise it’s far worse than most people would dare to imagine.

I can empathise with a country like Iran. The American propaganda regarding their nuclear ambitions is typically Hollywood. I can imagine Iran’s propaganda is far more convincing; we are being threatened by a nation that possesses weapons of mass destruction and has actually deployed them on a civilian population, not once but twice! – we need to defend ourselves in any way we can!

You can spray as much glitter as like over a turd but that fact alone should suggest that Americans could be the bad guys.

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