The bizarre story of Sir John Franklin

Thanks to Ray Mears, I came across this example of the perversion of history.

There are a couple of large statues of Franklin, one of which is in London, which credit him with the discovery of the Northwest passage. According to Mears, he was indeed given the task of finding the passage but his expedition of two ships and scores of men was lost. Eventually an explorer named John Rae came across the missing pieces of the puzzle; he discovered the waterway which completed the Northwest passage and through Inuit reports, revealed the fate of Franklin’s expedition. Unfortunately for Rae, on his return to England, he reported that evidence was found which showed that the crew of the expedition eventually resorted to cannibalism in an attempt to survive. This idea was unacceptable to the powers of authority at the time and so they decided to alter history. Not only did they decide to alter history but they decided to confirm the lie with a couple of statues and the lie written in stone.

The statues (and the lie) are still standing today. Presumably Ray Mears only needed to do minimal research to uncover the truth (Wikipedia confirms his story). This seems like such a beautiful analogy for today’s mainstream media; the lies are set in print but any minimal research (which most people are unwilling to do) reveals the unacceptable truth.

Just imagine how big some of the lies are in history.

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