Consciousness is an activity in the brain (although we assume it is completely localised in the brain). Sleep is another activity in the brain although we have no recollection of it apart from occasional brief impressions from the dream state. We observe sleepers as being inert and unresponsive. Something is going on in our brains and we have no idea what.

Is this where our fear of death comes from? If we were conscious twenty four hours a day with no need of sleep, a lack of consciousness would be as unfathomable to us as death is to animals fixed in ‘now’ time. With sleep however, we get a reflected glimpse into a void, we come back from nothingness and realise that nothingness exists and that the possibility exists that nothingness may be the default setting.

Of course, all this conjecture stems from consciousness. Just because consciousness cannot contemplate something does not mean that it does not exist. Consciousness can only contemplate itself. We are left then with the possibility that I am an x dreaming that I am a man and that I awake when I die.

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