Maybe the universe has consciousness

If consciousness is the result of complexity and not a unique phenomenon of life, then it stands to reason that anything complex can give rise to other forms of consciousness. That complexity, of course, needs to be mind bogglingly complex.

This entire premise can be discredited by someone demonstrating that consciousness is merely an illusion. We think we think, whereas the reality may be we follow perfectly logical algorithms.

Be that as it may, even if consciousness is an illusion, it still holds that an incredibly complex system can create the illusion for itself that it is thinking – how weird is that?

Now it has been said that the human brain is the most complex thing in the universe. This means human consciousness is the vanguard of a new phenomenon in time and space. This presupposes that we are familiar with all the complex things in the universe, which clearly we are not as we cannot account for 90% of it! So if the universe itself is a complex system, it could well be that the universe ‘thinks’.

What would it think about?

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