London cartoon

Whilst visiting my sister and brother-in-law in York the other day I was chatting with my nephew Anton who was also there, taking a break from his job in London. He was complaining to me about the weather predictions on the mainstream media and their lack of London references. He told me this was due to the BBC directive of not being London-centric and to include the provinces whenever possible. The argument being that the weather in the Orkneys, for example, is far more important to the peasants working in the fields there than it is to a London city slicker who spends most of their time underground, indoors, or under a table (that’s my interpretation of his words).

On reflection, I found this idea hugely entertaining and grossly patronising. The authorities in the capital have demonstrated their largesse by granting a minuscule amount of air time to the peasants in the rest of the country during the weather reports, how generous is that?

A national football stadium we didn’t get. A proportional share of arts funding we don’t get. A representative number of provincial bands being signed up by major labels we don’t get. A faithful reflection of the class structure in Britain portrayed in the mainstream media we don’t get.

But hey, we got the weather!

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