Telephone Preference Service

Things are starting to become clearer.

I telephoned the TPS to have my telephone number excluded from unsolicited calls. They did this but when I casually asked about recorded messages they told me a different department dealt with this (what!?).

So I rang 01625 545745 (option 6) to ask to be excluded from automated recorded telephone calls. They told me it was illegal to send out pre-recorded telephone messages to anyone who has not previously asked for them. My first thought was, ‘what idiot would actually ask for pre-recorded messages to be dialed to them?’ My second thought was, ‘the bastards!!’

I, of course, had not signed up for this extremely annoying phenomenon. So they were breaking the law. To take some action, the lady at the end of the telephone advised me, I had to make a note of who was sending these messages, then ring her up and tell her who they were. Action could then be taken against them. If the callers were from outside the UK then no action could be taken (except some vigilante, maverick type retribution which I wholeheartedly endorse).

I encourage all my readers (yes, all four of you!) to pursue this course of action (legitimate or unilateral – you take your pick) and stop this illegal practice of spam telephony.

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