How long before someone else owns your body?

I came across a statistic today which defied my intelligence. It said that less than four percent of navigable water in Britain can be swum in without consent. Think about this. A river in the countryside, populated by all wild flora and fauna is denied human enjoyment without prior consent.

Someone owns the water in the river. At what point is the water theirs? Is it when it is in the form of rain above the river and presumably in their airspace? And when does the water become ‘free’ again, when it is in the form of water vapour floating out of their airspace? And how can they differenciate ‘their’ body of water from someone else’s who is further downstream?

This demonstrates how the concept of ownership has become farcical. I repeat, you cannot own land, you can only defend territory. The laws we employ to maintain the concept are figments of illusion which we make real with our blind faith in them.

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