The acquisition of wealth goes against nature

I boiled an egg. I put the egg into a container of cold water. After several minutes I removed the egg from the container and noticed how warm the water had become in the container. The egg had transferred its abundant energy into the warmed water. The greater energy was given freely to the lesser energy. Nature demands that things be in equilibrium, in balance.

Capitalism is the opposite of this principle. Capitalism encourages accretion; the rich get richer as the poor get poorer. There is no balance, no giving of the abundant to the bereft. We KNOW inequality is wrong. Now I know why. It is unnatural.

It has been said that life is just nature’s way of speeding up the equilibrium of energy throughout the universe.

I boiled an egg. From that I got the cosmic order of natural law.

Sometimes I wonder where these thoughts come from.

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