Paul Hawken

Boy, this is good stuff. If Paul Hawken can speak as well as he writes, he might actually get people to start saving the world.

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  1. ng says:

    I do like all that rousing optimism stuff. This one reminds me a little of something I read a few years back called “we are the web” by Kevin Kelly.

    (Looks like you’ll have to cut and paste that)
    There’s also a Clay Shirky talk on the TED website that is similarly uplifting about the new global collective consciousness (that’s not what its called, it’s the one that starts off talking about monitoring the US election).
    It all reminds me of a Theodore Sturgeon novella called “To marry Medusa” which is sort of about hive minds.

  2. Ivor Tymchak says:

    Let’s face it ng, we could all do with some rousing optimistic stuff. The alternative is despair.

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