What is a blog?

Tuesday 11th April 2006

I’m still trying to get my head around this Blog thing – what is it? what does it do? does it make any money? I think I’m saddled with an outdated worldview governed by economic profit and loss laws. This is ironic really as I wanted to write a book some time ago but I wanted to write a book that was unclassifiable; part autobiography, part philosophy, part cartoon book.. I could imagine the frustration of the librarian attempting to fit it into just one genre.

But of course it would have been a book, at the very least it could have been classified as that – a book, and so it would belong in a library. What I actually should have embraced was the internet and the Blog.. that is unclassifiable. I can put photos on there, cartoons, video clips, artworks; I could even go back to past entries and change them (like all official histories). I’m not sure anyone really knows what a Blog is supposed to be or do.

Here’s a good joke though, which illustrates the power of habitual thinking, my wife was telling me some Blogs have even been turned into books.

Isn’t this a bit like converting a boat into a bridge?

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  1. B. Tenbit says:

    Well blogs, as I’m sure you know, started out as online diaries (got up..fed the cat.. why does so and so hate me? etc) but these days they can be almost anything content wise. My own has degenerated into a series of youtube links
    of interest mainly to me, and almost exclusively used by me as a record of curiosities.

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