Seize the day

Decades ago, on a school trip to London we visited an airport. In the gift shop I bought a felt badge which needed to be sewn onto a garment. The badge showed a passenger aeroplane and proudly announced the name of the airport. It was a fine badge.

So fine was it, in fact that I deemed my current anorak unworthy of such a badge. I decided I had to wait until I had a coat which matched the prestige of such an emblem and the badge was carefully stored in a drawer somewhere. Of course, time passed and no superior garment was ever purchased.

As an adolescent I did have an anorak which I adorned with military emblems and anti war symbols (I was more interested in the graphic design than any political ideology) and the airport badge had now become too childish to sit alongside these hard core images. Eventually I realised the time for the airport badge had passed and I would never utilise it.

I still have that airport badge, still in its cellophane wrapper. It is still being carefully stored in an old suitcase in the loft. I keep it as a reminder. There is no point cherishing anything. No point waiting for the future. Things pass, times change, we die. There is only the now. Everything happens in the now.

I must remember that.

2 Responses to “Seize the day”

  1. Harrison says:

    Seize the day Ivor. Sew that badge on TODAY!

  2. Ivor Tymchak says:

    You’re right Harrison. The badge is now on the arm of my black Armani suit.

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