Telephone spam

In recent years I’ve noticed that these pre-recorded telephone messages trying to sell you something (I have to confess I never listen to any of them) are becoming more and more of a nuisance. So much so that I keep thinking I ought to go and see my MP, Ed Balls, and demand that he introduce some legislation banning all unsolicited sales calls using pre-recorded messages. I mean, they must cost virtually nothing to run – no call centres, no wages to pay, just some smarmy actor to pay for who must be down on his luck to do such a depraved job, so what’s to stop them proliferating? Imagine where it could end if nothing is done – your telephone is constantly ringing with these spam calls. It’s bad enough getting a live unsolicited call but when you can’t be rude/clever/sarcastic/angry (delete inapplicable) because you’re just talking to a machine, I get angry.

I think I will go to the surgery of my MP with a list of demands. I’ve never done anything like it before and my assumption is that it is a waste of time, but hey, maybe Ed Balls is just sitting there every month, twiddling his thumbs and wishing someone would come in and ask him to do something constructive. I’ll let you know how I get on.

If that is a waste of time my Plan B is to employ the very same people who create these calls to mount a campaign which harangues people into signing a petition which asks the government  to ban these calls. Wait a minute… that’s a YouTube sketch waiting to be done, surely? I bags it first.

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