The gravy train is threatening to derail

It’s been interesting hearing the MP’s shift ground on the expenses issue. At first they just said ‘we’ve done nothing wrong, it’s all within the rules’. Then when the media wouldn’t let the story die and more revelations emerged which demonstrated the abuse of the current system, some of the MP’s said er, ‘we’ve done nothing wrong, it’s all within the rules’.

Hey, these are MP’s we’re talking about.

But the public indignation was such that the Prime Minister had to produce a risible YouTube video which attempted to slow down the out of control gravy train. This backfired spectacularly and the gravy train picked up some more frightening speed.

So then some independent people (Martin Bell in particular) started to complain that there was no contrition in any of these ripostes from the MP’s and slowly the whole debacle started to take on a more sinister hue. Isn’t their standard rebuttal of ‘we’ve done nothing wrong, it’s all within the rules’, exactly the same one that any participant of any evil regime that has ever existed always trots out? Yes, it is.

Suddenly the gravy train is threatening to look more like a train wreck in a very short space of time.

Now we hear admissions from all sides of the government that the system has to change and that it is no longer acceptable to maintain that, ‘we’ve done nothing wrong, it’s all within the rules’. However, I can’t help thinking that we have been here before. Didn’t something similar happen to the banks? Yes, it did.

Have we seen any legislation yet? No, we haven’t.
Oh there will be change of some kind with the MP’s expenses I’m sure but what change will there be and who will police it?

That gravy train is too valuable a cargo to simply let it run away.

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