Oiling the wood

Hardwood chair

I love this time of year. Everything is burgeoning with joyful life. The promise of fecundity is palpable. Hope springs eternal in the lengthening days.

It’s at this time of year that the garden furniture comes out. I’m ashamed to say, that we have a table and four chairs made out of hardwood. We bought the set several years ago before my environmental standards rose to a level that would now forbid me to buy such a precious resource. At the time though, my standards were such that I ensured the furniture at least had a ‘wood from a sustainable forest’ logo.

And so, to bastardise a popular slogan, hardwood is for life, not just for a summer (or two). As I now have this precious resource it is incumbent upon me to preserve it and make sure it does last a lifetime, hence the annual tradition of oiling the wood.

Such is the joy of getting out the furniture and basking in the early summer sun that the hour or two I spend impregnating the wood with the oil is more of a recreational pursuit than a chore. The oil preserves the colour of the wood, is good for the whole summer and if it means several more hardwood trees remain in the forest then I will sleep a little better in the balmy, tranquil nights of a warm summer.

Someone will spoil it now by leaving a comment about the oil being environmentally unfriendly or something. Well, better to know than not.

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