More toilet roll tips

Here is a hygienic way to get rid of those stool streaks in the toilet bowl which are above the water line.

These can be very difficult to remove and no amount of urinating from a great height can shift them. The reason for this is because the stool remnant has dried and is acting like a piece of mortar stuck on the side of the bowl. However, unlike mortar, stool streaks can be made to revert to their soft state again by soaking them.

But they are above the water line, I hear you cry. Here’s what to do. Get a single sheet of toilet paper and carefully lay it half in the water and half out. Be sure to make the part of the paper which is out of the water, cover the stool streak. The paper should just fall into place so no physical contact will be made between your fingers and the toilet. Then leave overnight.

In the morning, the toilet bowl will flush clean. This is because capillary action acts on the paper and water creeps up the paper to the deposit of excrement. Now in contact with water, the deposit softens and loses its adhesion to the ceramic.

Science makes the toilet brush redundant.

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