Rage Club, an example

You would think that there are problems in this world which are big enough to occupy the best or even the worst brains of our species to the exclusion of any other problem. But no, someone has to devote time, energy, money and precious resources on solving the pressing problem of what to do with dust coming off dishwasher tablets.

It is simply not enough to develop a dual layered soap tablet with a different coloured ball neatly cradled in the centre of it. Most accomplished artists would have declared such an artefact perfect and complete. But these marketing geniuses can’t sleep at night with the idea that they might be missing a trick, that somehow perfection can be improved.

After loading up the dishwasher, I went for a tablet from the cupboard under the sink. I noticed my wife had bought a newly branded box full. When I opened the plastic carton I found the familiar tablets inside but each was individually wrapped in plastic. My immediate thought was ‘what a nuisance. I will now have to discard this wrapper before I can place it in the machine’. Whilst I was doing so I wondered why have they had done this? Perhaps my wife had bought a discounted job lot or something, but that still wouldn’t explain the reason for the wrapper. I couldn’t explain it in a rational way. My best guess was that some mistake had occurred in the factory and the tablets had become wrapped in plastic so instead of dumping the batch, they decided to sell them at a huge discount to compensate for the inconvenience of having to unwrap every single tablet (my wife loves a bargain).

Then on the fourth occasion of my loading up the dishwasher my wife came into the kitchen just as I was taking a knife to the wrapping on the tablet.

“What are you doing?” asked my wife.

“Taking off the wrapper.” I answered.

“You’re not supposed to take it off!” she screamed. “It’s water soluble, you just put it in as it is.”


This confused me even more. My attempts at explaining the existence of this wrapper did not take into account the fact that someone might have actually wanted to put a wrapper on it. To me this was like wondering why someone might want to increase their risk of skin cancer by exposing their bodies to man made UV light or paint themselves orange or poke themselves in the eye with a sharp stick. Not only that, but the manufacturers efforts have cost the earth another little bit of its limited resource, for what, just so that some moron in the marketing department can justify his or her meaningless existence in a totally useless job?

The addition of a wrapper does not enhance my experience of placing a washing up tablet in the machine one iota. I did not subconsciously think, “Oh my, this wrapper has transformed this tablet into the premier, maintenance free, washing up tablet of all time and has ensured my loyalty of it unto death”.

No, it enraged me that someone could be so inconsequential as to think this small and that consumers can be so gullible and accepting of such useless developments. The world is going to crash and burn in a matter of decades and the best idea that someone can come up with is a water soluble wrapper on a washing up tablet.

At least the tablets will have a better chance of survival in the coming catastrophe in their individual protective coats.

3 Responses to “Rage Club, an example”

  1. globobbles says:

    The real question is why you have a dishwasher in the first place.

  2. Ivor Tymchak says:

    I did think about the irony of having such a decadent piece of equipment but I am sure I have read somewhere that modern dishwashers are more efficient in the use of water when compared with hand washing.

    I know, I know, the power consumption probably cancels this out.

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