Where ideas come from

I was idly watching breakfast tv this morning while I was er, having my breakfast. I finished my piece of home baked wholemeal toast, topped with home made plum jam, and the majority of my attention then switched to the content on the tv. The hosts introduced some entertainment guest who I did not know nor had I any wish to acquaint myself with and so I switched the television off.

Then I had one of those little visions that sometimes kick start a joke or a sketch. I had over the past few days been contemplating the encroaching influence of the internet on the recreational habits of the country’s population (nay, the world’s population) and how something had to give; most likely television viewing figures. So as I switched the tv off I imagined some tv producer monitoring the live viewing figures for his or her programme and being able to notice my particular set being turned off, so sensitive was their equipment. This preposterous scenario then led me to imagine a future when only a handful of people would be watching a programme at any particular time and at some unpopular point in the show the last tv would be turned off and the producer would walk onto the set, interrupt the presenters and say, “forget it chaps, there’s no-one watching anymore.”

The crew would then idly read papers, drink coffee and chat until the producer would suddenly scream through their earpieces, “Places everyone! Someone has switched their tv back on!”

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