Under new management

When listening to a speaker who is an expert in her field, I am always amused when she trots out some ’science’. In my field of creativity, for example, an expert will usually mention the concept of left brain thinking and right brain thinking. I won’t go into the specifics of the concept because it is largely a waste of time.

If I show you a diagram of a brain with neurons firing on either side of it, how does that help you? If I described the structure of bacteria and the rate at which it can reproduce, how does that help you avoid disease? If I told you that empirical evidence showed that washing your hands before handling food reduced the incidence of food poisoning you could act on that information. That information could make a significant difference to your life.

It is so unfortunate that most people are willing to be impressed by useless ’science’ and even more unfortunate that a lot of scientists promote the view that we should be impressed, as a lot of science prizes are awarded on how impressive a discovery is, not how useful it could be.

Similarly, a sign outside a building which says ‘under new management’ does not help anyone except the new proprietor and her ego.

Demonstrate that it is under new management by improving the exterior, service, food, or whatever. That kind of information could make a significant difference to my social life.

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