We are one

Evening sky

Nearly every society that I am aware of has an interest in mind altering drugs. My belief is that these drugs give us a new perspective on life.

As conscious human beings we are crude measuring devices of our environment. Ultimately, we take drugs for the same reasons Shaman take them. We want to see beyond the limitations of our ‘reality’ by heightening the sensitivity of our measuring device.

Sometimes, we can get a profound insight into ‘reality’ whilst under the influence of these drugs. These insights can affect out lives dramatically. Mostly though, narcotics are merely a hint that what we think of as ‘reality’ is a small window into a vast space of possibilities.

But drugs are not a prerequisite for insights. Creative thinking, knowledge and wisdom can provide them as well. I proved it today. Today, I had an epiphany.

Nearly all my best ideas come to me during or after jogging. It is as if I have trained my brain to exercise at the same time as my body. This epiphany happened at such a time.

There are no edges.

That was the realisation. The power of the idea came from the understanding of the ultimate truth in the idea… no edges.

Because we are crude measuring devices, we can only make crude generalisations about our environment. These generalisations are good enough however, for us to navigate the environment, to complete our mission as living organisms.

Let’s take our bodies. We imagine we know where the extent of our bodies lay; we know where our bodies end and the rest of the world begins. Most people would claim their skin represents the ‘edge’ of their bodies. But the outermost layer of skin is dead and the dead cells are being shed constantly so actually pinpointing the edge becomes tricky.

Another example would be an island at sea. From space it would be easy to define the edge of the island. As we moved closer to the island the edge may become slightly fuzzy if the island has a shelving beach and a significant tide. Then as we stand on the beach we notice the sea is in constant motion and we cannot define where the land meets the sea exactly. Even if the island had sheer cliff walls made of granite, on a microscopic level, the granite is being eroded by the sea and no precise edge would be discernible. Even the atoms of matter themselves, quantum physics tells us, appear to posses qualities that deny the very concept of certainty.

There are no edges.

What does this mean? Well, if there are no edges, it can only mean that everything is connected – everything.

So everything is part of one thing. We are all one.

Ancient texts are full of this wisdom. They knew of it before quantum physics confirmed it. Knowing and understanding however, are different measurements.

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