How stupid do they think we are? #2

The propaganda shows we have here in the UK which masquerade as news programmes are becoming more ridiculous by the day. They have become like puerile Saturday night game shows hosted by insincere actors affecting a serious demeanour… “Welcome to the incredibly simplified and ‘made to fit’ stories we largely invent to play on your easily manipulated levels of greed and fear… So let’s play ‘How stupid do we think you are’…”

This evening they have launched what is obviously intended to be a long running story. A reporter was shown in a helicopter hovering over a housing estate as he dramatically announced the tragedy of falling house prices. What followed was interviews with shocked householders after they had been told their properties were now worth £40,000 less than from their peak.

‘From their peak’ is the key phrase here and gives a clue to the reality of the situation.

Several months ago house prices were in the news again but this time it was because they were rocketing and first time buyers couldn’t get a look in. Any rational person could have told you that such a rise was unsustainable and that a correction was due sometime in the future.

So instead of an aside in the news about house prices duly correcting themselves and giving first time buyers some slack, we have this hysterical report about the catastrophe of falling values.

So what’s the big deal about house prices? We live in houses thus the news imagines this will make the story personal. But Imagine this scenario.

The value of shares has fallen after a spectacular bubble rise in prices. Some shares have almost halved in value. An hysterical reporter buzzing about the country in a helicopter interviews various share holders. “Did you know your shares have lost 40% of their value/”

Shocked interviewee, “You mean share values can go down as well as up!!!? Oh no! So the 40% fall in value means I am only 60% up overall after my shares doubled since I bought them just a few years ago.”

Such a scenario would be laughable and people would have to check that they weren’t watching a satirical sketch show instead of the news. But this is actually what is happening; the media obviously do think that we are that stupid.

Another example is Clinton and Obama. As I recall, the two were sworn enemies in the race for the nomination and pointed out each others deficiencies. Then when Clinton failed to win the nomination Obama appoints her as running mate (this may not be strictly accurate as I tend to avoid any news of this circus but I think I have the gist of the thing). Clinton then does a volte-face and sings the praises of Obama just days after denigrating him. So what happened to all the things that were supposed to be wrong with him? And this is all on prime time news.

I think George Orwell was far too generous to Big Brother in his novel 1984. Winston Smith (who’s job it was to alter old newspaper stories to match the new ‘facts’) was asked to imagine the oppression of Big Brother as a boot grinding into the face of the masses.

The media aren’t even that subtle.

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