Did they get you to trade in your passion for a pension?

How many of you left school with a dream of doing something that you really loved to do only to find that the real world demanded that you conform and earn a living like everyone else? Maybe you kept promising yourself that one day you would make the break and live that dream but as the commitments mounted, you felt it got harder and harder to give up the monthly salary until eventually, after years of procrastination, the pension seemed like the only way out.

So they got you to trade in your passion for a pension.

But in these uncertain times nothing is guaranteed, not even a pension.

None of the old rules seem to apply anymore. A storm is coming and no one knows what to do. So what can we do? It seems are options are severely limited.

But we have always had a choice, only we didn’t dare contemplate the alternative because it always seemed so scary. And, paradoxically, as more change threatens us, the less we have to lose. So it is at times like these that some of us can summon the courage to finally go back to the counter and reclaim our passion.

Doing something you love and making a living can be done, it just needs some new thinking.

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