Don’t let them get away with it

It’s astonishing how some companies treat their customers and continue to survive. They must achieve a critical mass which inures them from customer attrition for a certain amount of time.

I have another small but important website which suddenly went down this morning. I immediately rang the service provider and spoke to their customer services. When he checked my account he said that their invoice for this year had been paid recently, however, that amount had been used to pay off last years invoice which had been outstanding for a year.

It took me a while to take this in as it was so ludicrous. I got out my bank statement and told him that his company had taken money from me for last years invoice. He then proceeded to tell me to start sending copies of my bank statement to them to prove that this had happened along with a covering letter.

After this other shock I started to get my senses back so I asked the customer services advisor how many reminders they send out before they take the drastic step of suspending someone’s website. He did not have an answer for this (I had received none by the way for this supposed outstanding amount). I then asked him if that was his companies policy – to send out one invoice, wait one year without any reminding notices then suspend the site as a reminder. He did not have an answer.

I was then made to pay by credit card the ‘outstanding’ amount just so I could get my site back on line as soon as possible. He then told me which hoops I would have to jump through to get a refund.

So, for their obvious error, they want me to do their work for them and overpay them for the privilege as well.
Needless to say, as soon as I get the refund I will be saying good-bye to these cowboys.

As a footnote, my initial research in moving this site has revealed I am paying way over the odds anyway with these people, so at least there is some saving to be made from this outrage.

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